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Age : 20 - 25


Hi!!! I nak share my happiness after 5 days using CeraMica ❤️❤️ I ada masalah pores dekat bahagian tepi hidung. Like pore tu memang besar and obvious. Tapi after 2 days using CeraMica, memang nampak gila that pores dah less visible!!!! I suka sangaaaat 😍 😍 😍 sekarang memang selalu tengok cermin 🤣🤣 sebab before this I dah try banyak product tapi tak work on me 😭 kakak I pun guna jugak and she said, blackhead dia dekat bahagian hidung dah kurang. Kalau tak, memang obvious sangat blackhead dia tu. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!! CeraMica memang akan jadi routine I laaa, bukan setakat nak try je!!





Atiq Zuhaira,

CeraMica Skin Balancing Essence


Age : 20 - 25


I’m absolutely in love with @NaturesPalette_ #BlueYourMind serum. Texture best, soothing and it’s also exfoliating????? Rasa happy betul pakai product gentle ni love sangat!!!










Octa-Blu Skin Refining Serum


Age : 20 - 25


been using their Hydranica cleanser for AM routine and CeraMica essence until now! God bless them for making invisible pores become real!!!!! Aaaa I loveee 💓










CeraMica Skin Balancing Essence and Hydranica Skin Restoring Cleanser

Nature's Palette